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Your Healthy Family: What to do if a snake bites you quiz part 2

Let’s face it if you enjoy the Colorado lifestyle snakes will be something you will come across sooner or later. Dr. Hertner points out, “When you’re out in areas that have snakes, and those can be in our parks, that could be hiking in Garden of the Gods you need to be aware that snakes are out and about.  

UCHealth Heart and Vascular Care

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Your Healthy Family: What does having a level 1 trauma center mean for southern Colorado?

This week the state of Colorado designated UCHealth Memorial Central in Colorado Springs as a level 1 trauma center.  This new designation makes Memorial 1 of just 4 designated trauma centers in Colorado and the first in southern Colorado. Dr. David Steinbruner is the Chief of Staff at UCHealth Memorial, and explains what the new designation means for our region and the team effort involved in making it happen. 

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Hash oil extraction lab bust

Hash oil extraction lab bust

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