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Senior Care

senior care

Your Healthy Family: Why and when is senior care needed?

Most people and most families don’t understand is that when one or the other spouse is sick, or needs help the other spouse goes on call 24 hours a day, all day long, all night long, they are worried about their spouse.

Amada Senior Care

Our Long Term Care Insurance Experts will manage your long-term insurance claims, Veteran’s benefits, and care to dramatically reduce or eliminate your family’s senior care costs.

How To Ensure Seniors Are Safe To Drive

There are currently no laws regulating the maximum age of which a person can still legally operate a car. So if someone lives to 150 years old, they could technically be a legal driver. But just because someone is allowed to drive, does that mean they should?

5 Risks of Hiring Your Own Caregiver

When it comes to finding care for a loved one, it makes sense that you might want to take matters into your own hands. But unless you leave it to an agency with years of experience in connecting clients with qualified professionals, you can face hidden dangers and risks.

How to Protect Your Senior From Prescription Drug Abuse

While grandma and grandpa may not be the first people that come to mind when thinking of prescription drug abuse, the combination of several factors have led to what organizations like US News & World Report have called a “silent epidemic.”

How to Enjoy the Holidays With Your Senior Loved Ones

And just like that, it’s the holiday season! Old Man Winter is having a jolly good time, sleigh bells are ringing, and if you’re like many, you’re likely knocking on the doors of family members and spending time with relatives.

4 Things You Must Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

For seniors who bought long-term care insurance (often decades ago), details of premiums and what’s actually covered under a policy may be a distant memory. If you or your loved one purchased LTC insurance, it’s important to dust off the policy and revisit the fine print long before you might need it.

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