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flu shot

Your Healthy Family: Flu shot facts

Dr. Wesselman explains, “The CDC monitors flu around the world and pick what they think is the most common strains we will see, it’s a mirror of that in the vaccines for a given year.”

stop the bleed training

Your Healthy Family: Back to school stop the bleed training can save lives

Many schools across the country and teaching students important trauma response tactics. It’s all part of a campaign called “Stop The Bleed.” It’s a program UCHealth adopted when it first began, in the aftermath of the Sandy hook elementary school shooting where 20 Children and 6 adults were killed.

Your Healthy Family: What to do if a snake bites you quiz part 2

Let’s face it if you enjoy the Colorado lifestyle snakes will be something you will come across sooner or later. Dr. Hertner points out, “When you’re out in areas that have snakes, and those can be in our parks, that could be hiking in Garden of the Gods you need to be aware that snakes are out and about.  

UCHealth Heart and Vascular Care

Sponsored Content* Cardiology at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary services that range from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation. Our team approach gives

Your Healthy Family: Can running style impact injury risk?

Running is a great way to maintain fitness, but many worry about what years of pounding the pavement will do to their body. Now, research is showing that running ‘softer’ can help potentially limit a runner’s injuries. The study looked at 320 novice runners and measured their landing force at two paces – a slower 12-minute-per-mile pace and a quicker 8-minute-per-mile pace. 

Your Healthy Family: Things to know before you try that detox diet

Diets that claim to ‘cleanse’ and ‘detoxify’ the body are not hard to find, but are they okay for our health? Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, of Cleveland Clinic said many people are interested in the idea of ridding their body of toxins, however, she warns detox ‘diets’ which involve not eating for days on end, are not the place to start. “Some of these detoxifying programs will literally starve you for a week,”

Your Healthy Family: Why have your hemoglobin A1c checked?

Dr. Kim Runyon with DaVita Medical group in Colorado Springs says one of the key things they look at in the blood test is the hemoglobin A1C. “Hemoglobin A1c is going to check for diabetes or if you’re pre-diabetic.  What it does is it measures the sugar coating on a red blood cell for the last three months.   

Your Healthy Family: What you can learn from your blood count at 5 Health Fair

This coming weekend will be the final 5 Health Fair happening in Colorado Springs and Canon City.  Dr. Kim Runyon with DaVita Medical group joined me in studio to talk about the important health issues we can call learn from our blood count. Dr. Runyon first explains what a blood count is?  “Think of it as seeing the amount of platelets , and making sure your platelets are right.  We’re looking for infections, white blood cell count, and $25 dollars is a grea…

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