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Your Healthy Family: Do big storms cause women to go into labor?

COLORADO SPRINGS – In this Your Healthy Family, on the heels of our blizzard here in Colorado, we have a weather-related story.  I did some checking, and you could say there was a small baby boom in Colorado Springs.

Dr. Caroline Hedges, an OB-GYN at UCHealth Memorial tells me, “When I was starting my training in Denver, the nurses there said, ‘uh-oh a big storm is coming, barometric pressure is dropping, everyone is going to come in with their water broken.’ I was like ‘really?’  Turns out it was true.”

Dr. Hedges tells me while there are some studies that show a correlation between barometric pressure changes and water breaking — it’s a well-established topic that is discussed among many labor and delivery staffs.

On Wednesday morning ahead of this week’s blizzard, Beth, an RN at Memorial, sent out a Facebook saying “What does this pressure drop mean? God speed, my labor and delivery friends.”

Dr. Hedges says, “Medicine in general is very superstitious.  While I try to not be superstitious, there are two that I have.  When it’s a crazy shift I check if it’s a full moon and it usually is.  The other one is, every morning before I go to work I check my little home weather station and see what the barometric pressure is doing, and if it’s dropping I drink more coffee.”

On Wednesday, Dr. Hedges was on shift at UCHealth Memorial North Hospital, where they delivered 11 babies.  I’m told on average it’s around four to five on a given day. UCHealth Memorial Central had seven deliveries, so there were 18 deliveries between just these two Colorado Springs hospitals Wednesday.  When I asked the labor and delivery staff on duty that morning at Memorial North if they thought they usually see more women go into labor on big storm days, they all said a resounding yes.

Dr. Hedges says, “Our message to moms is that if your water breaks, we are here all the time.  Come in even if the weather is bad because we are here to take care of you no matter what.”

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Ira Cronin

Ira Cronin

Ira Cronin anchors News5 Today everyday morning from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. with Brie Groves, and produces Your Healthy Family stories.
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