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Colorado Springs’ Christina Luna competes on The Titan Games

Dental hygienist, single mom by day, Air Force National Guard by day, Instagrammer and crossfitter by night, Christina Luna is a competitor onThe Titan Games airing on KOAA. She competes Thursday night at 7pm, right after News 5 at 630.

Producers for the show found Luna through her Instagram page and after she vetted them, she accepted an invitation to a combine in California with other hopefuls. Luna said she noticed the competitors there were in better shape than her. After that combine she said she needed to “step up her game.”

“When I got the call I said, ‘I’m not going to miss any days at the gym!’ and I went as hard as I could – as often as I could – and my favorite story about that is you know those hails storms we have? My car got totaled in one of them and that was the day I found out I was going and my daughters were like, ‘mommy, you can’t skip the gym… you gotta go!’ because I was about to sit it out that day – my car just got totaled!  But they were the ones that said you have to go!

Grant Meech

Grant Meech

Sports Director at KOAA News 5
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