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Accessory Dwelling Unit Options

COLORADO SPRINGS – City Council is considering the idea of relaxing certain zoning restrictions in order to encourage construction of more affordable housing. These units called Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs, are defined as “any type of unit that provides sleeping, bathing, and cooking facilities within a particular unit.”

Sometimes ADUs are attached to the main home like a converted basement or attic. Other accessory dwelling units are built on top of a detached garage, or as a stand-alone cottage or separate house.

Why is the city looking at ADUs as a solution? Here’s 6 primary points in the presentation to council:

  1. Add housing stock for families in neighborhoods where new apartment complexes would be difficult to construct while maintaining manageable neighborhood density
  2. Assist families by helping parents age in place
  3. Assist families with dependent and disabled adult children or other family members in need
  4. Offer additional housing stock at a variety of price points
  5. Assist families with “boomerang children” who may return home
  6. Provide an opportunity homeowners to invest in their property


City of Colorado Springs page on Accessory Dwelling Units proposal

Ordinance Draft Option A (PDF – May 2019)  / Ordinance Draft Option B (PDF- May 2019)



Benjamin Lloyd

Benjamin Lloyd

Digital Executive Producer for KOAA News 5. Email - Twitter: @Ben_L_Lloyd​
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