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Blizzard flattens home in eastern El Paso County

EL PASO COUNTY – The 2019 Blizzard hit an eastern El Paso County, Colorado home so hard, it flattened the house. “We got home and the only thing we could think was a tornado had to of come through,” said Property Owner, Jeffery Whitehead. There are official reports of a gust at 97 miles per hour near the Colorado Springs Airport. The Whiteheads wonder if there were even stronger gusts where they live further east.

The family has been making due with four people in a fifth wheel trailer, while working on the remodel of the mobile home. It is the centerpiece of 40 acres where they want to start farming.
There is another family member on the way, a little girl due in about three months. “Just had got the house all set-up and ready to move into and we were waiting for an inspection and while we were waiting on the inspection, had the storm come through,” said Whitehead. The plan was welcoming the baby at a new home.

The Whiteheads were at a doctor appointment for the baby when the storm moved in. They ended up stranded at gas station for 15 hours while trying to get home. When they finally made it back to their property the saw the future house was gone. I started crying—instantly,” said wife and mom, Gabrielle Whitehead.

The Whitehead’s neighbor down the road, Carla Anderson was home during the storm. Her place and many others around suffered heavy damage, but nothing like this. She welcomed the displaced family into her home. There is hope of doing more. “It’s like I just don’t know what to do. We don’t know where to start,” said Anderson, “So we’re starting with the Go Fund Me account, and kind of go from there.”  The Go Fund Me Account is titled: “Blizzard of 2019 took their home”

The family has conflicting emotions. Their home is gone, but because they were not in the house nobody was hurt. “Feel very lucky that none of the family was in it,” said Jeffery Whitehead,  “And definitely devastated. Put our life savings into coming out here a starting a farm and so now we’re down to absolutley nothing and not even a home to go into.”

Bill Folsom

Bill Folsom

Bill Folsom is a reporter at KOAA News 5 in Southern Colorado
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