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Collection: The awesome power of the March Blizzard

COLORADO SPRINGS – Cleanup and recovery from the March 13th blizzard that slammed into central Colorado, northern Colorado and beyond is still underway. Here’s a look at some of the most amazing video we collected and witnessed from you and from our crews.

News5 was in the field reporting during the heart of the storm on impacts from snow and wind in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Monument, Falcon, and more.  You can watch our coverage as it happened, here.

As the First Alert5 Weather Team of Mike Daniels, Sam Schreier, Jessica Van Meter, and Jeff Matthews tracked the storm we knew was coming, we were there for you across all of our platforms as Mother Nature threw the worst at us.

Ira Cronin, Brie Groves, Rob Quirk and Elizabeth Watts were Always Watching Out For You to help guide you on where to go for help and how to stay out of danger.

Our Bill Folsom and Photojournalist Adam Knapik braved monster winds accompanied by tons of snow. They also stuck around in the aftermath to talk with people helping others recover cars and clean up properties.

Shayla Giradin and Photojournalist Patrick Godfrey witnessed conditions quickly breakdown on Interstate 25, bringing anyone on the road to a halt and closing a huge stretch of the major Colorado thoroughfare.

Zach Thaxton was there as the storm dragged on, bringing zero visibility to the Tri-Lakes area before darkness fell and the cold really set in.

Alasyn Zimmerman and Photojournalist AJ Vega were in Woodland Park as the snow fell earlier in the higher elevations bringing large snow drifts to the “City Above the Clouds.”

Investigative Reporter Eric Ross was on the road with Multimedia Journalist Jon McMichael as the 4x4orce volunteered to get people out of the road once the conditions became too much for their cars.

Jessica Barreto was out across northern Colorado Springs where the heaviest snows fell in the city. Cars were abandoned on Woodmen Rd., trucks were stopped in their tracks on Interquest, and the winds were unbearable.

Laura Wilson was out on I-25 as people stepped up to help people stranded and to make sure they had a warm place to seek shelter.

Investigative Reporter Patrick Nelson was following the new Office of Emergency Management partnership between the City of Colorado Springs and El Paso County as the combined crews came together to collect and deliver the latest storm information and send emergency personnel where they were needed the most.

Photographer Carl Winder was right there as trees, fences, and roofs came flying off or tumbling down with all the huge winds gusts hitting the Steel City.

Reporter Caiti Blase was collecting all of the information you passed along to News5 so we could keep up as conditions changed. She also met with people who went out of their way to help those stranded on snowy roads.

Sam Kraemer checked out the Manitou Incline where many were surprised to hear an older man had to be rescued by more than a dozen crew members with the Colorado Springs Fire Department. Of course, he found many more people who made the climb due to less visitors during the poor weather conditions.

For all of those people caught out in the cold as they had to leave their cars or find shelter, Reporter Andy Koen was there as 11 facilities opened their doors to help their neighbors. He was back out the same day following the developments on I-25.

Huge thanks go to our first responders who braved the roughest of conditions to help people who were stranded or involved in accidents.  Meanwhile, they handled all of the calls that they deal with on a daily basis, from putting out house fires to responding to domestic violence calls. We are grateful to you all.

Then there’s the digital producers, our engineers, the producers, the studio crew and all of the people that you may not see at News5 that worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

Most of all, from the First Alert5 Weather Team and the entire News5 staff, thank you to you the News5 viewer, for passing along everything you could as you hunkered down and waited for the storm to pass.


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