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As the cake flies: Manitou’s fruitcake tossing tradition

MANITOU SPRINGS – If the saying, “As the crow flies” can be used to measure distance, the phrase, “as the cake flies,” should be used to measure fun, at least in Manitou.

Saturday marked the annual Great Fruitcake Toss, an event that brought out hundreds of locals and visitors alike to fling any and all unwanted or uneaten fruitcake as far as possible.

The event started in 1996 and has since gathered a dedicated following that simply loves chucking these disparaged sweet loaves.

Fruitcake was made available for rent at the event for those “not lucky” enough not to be burdened with the gift during the holiday season.

Jon McMichael

Jon McMichael

Jon McMichael is the digital reporter for KOAA. He's been with the station since October 2017.
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