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Timber! Here’s how to report broken trees to the city

COLORADO SPRINGS – Hundreds of downed trees are littering Olympic City USA in the wake of a blizzard.

“It makes sense when you think the trees are just giant sails,” said Dennis Will, City of Colorado Springs forester.

Most of the damage seen in the northeast part of the city, they just couldn’t make it in the hurricane force winds.

“They don’t have anywhere to go,” said Will. “They can’t get out of the way, so they get shoved over.”

The city of focusing on cleaning up trees that are blocking the right of way or pose a danger to the public. They say it could take weeks to address every report.

If you see trees or branches down on city property you are being asked to report it. You can do so online by visiting the City of Colorado Springs webpage or by calling719-385-5942.

Trees down on private property are the homeowners’ responsibility.

Lindsay Sax

Lindsay Sax

Lindsay produces the 6 p.m. newscasts on News 5. She has worked in Southern Colorado since Oct. 2016.
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