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Abandoned cars posed challenge for emergency crews

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Office of Emergency Management in El Paso County says one of the biggest challenges they faced amid Wednesday’s historic blizzard was the high number of stranded drivers and abandoned vehicles.

The conditions which made travel impossible also made it nearly impossible for plow crews to clear roadways because there were vehicles blocking their path on most major roadways.

County leaders say if one lesson can be learned from this storm it’s to heed warnings when storms are incoming and be willing to change plans if conditions deteriorate, “I think a lot of businesses kind of looked at that and thought, ‘business as usual today,’ but once the storm did hit, I think people maybe underestimated how bad it was out there with the white out conditions,” says Matt Steiner with El Paso County.

Steiner adds another factor people should consider before trying to drive in a severe winter storm is school and business closures, chances are if it’s too risky to transport children to and from school unnecessary driving is also too risky.

Monica Gouty

Monica Gouty

Monica Gouty has worked as a news producer for KOAA-TV for 10 years.
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