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Good Samaritans rescue couple during blizzard

COLORADO SPRINGS – Wednesday’s historic blizzard took a toll on many people across Colorado Springs.

For Johnathan Garrett and his fiance – it left them stranded in the Pine Creek neighborhood.

Garrett said, “We were one of the dumb ones that decided to go out driving.”

Blizzard conditions let up on Thursday, but Garrett and his fiance are still feeling the impacts of the storm. On Thursday, their car was still on the side of a road in the Pine Creek area.

“We’ve got a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s lifted. It’s got snow tires and everything so sure, it can’t be that bad.”

That was his thinking on Wednesday when he got a call from his aunt asking if he could pick her up from work.
The couple was blocked by road closures so they decided to try out some side streets. That’s when they got stuck in a five-foot snow drift.

Garrett said, “At that time the wind was just going and blowing like crazy, and we got out of the car and immediately started trying to dig it out.”

But they were getting nowhere.

“We just decided to abandon the car and…we’ve got to find some help.”

They walked into the neighborhood and the first door they knocked on was opened by a family they’ll never forget.

“They answered, thank God, and they took us in with open arms…it turned out to be one of the best experiences that I could’ve hoped for from one of the worst. It was incredible.”

Besides the family who took them in Garrett wants to thank Joe, the man who drove them home Thursday morning, and local law enforcement.

Caiti Blase

Caiti Blase

Multimedia Journalist
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