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Drifts blocking homes, businesses and roads in eastern El Paso County

EL PASO COUNTY – “I’m 5’2” and it’s over my head,” said Robin Kellogg as she looked at the drift covering the front of her home in Peyton Colorado. The drift goes the full width of the house, with peaks nearing the top of her garage. The March blizzard in Colorado stranded thousands of drivers who ended up digging out a day later. Homeowners, especially ones on the eastern plains face a much larger task of snow removal.


Just down the road at the Big R ranch supply store, the skid loader driver, had a two part task of drift removal.  “A few people were trapped inside,” said Josh Trujillo with JTX Services. His first job was quickly cutting a path to reach the people inside. “Got the two front doors dug out. They couldn’t actually even open them, the doors to get in or out, so did that last night, wrapped up about midnight. Then came back this morning, been after it ever since.” The second part of the job is getting the massive drift moved so the store can get back to business.


Blizzard clean-up is also proving a good time to get to know your neighbors. “They actually made us a nice little deal. They came and helped us pull our truck out and we’re helping to get their garage cleared,” said Blake Simmons who lives in Peyton. Simmons has a tractor with a front loader. His truck went off the road in front of the Kellogg Home. Another neighbor was also there helping with a shovel. “When you’re living out here you really just kind of have to help each other out,” said Erin Galloway.


Bill Folsom

Bill Folsom

Bill Folsom is a reporter at KOAA News 5 in Southern Colorado
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