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Business resumes at local airports

COLORADO SPRINGS — Airports across the state are recovering from widespread delays and cancellations following Wednesday’s historic blizzard.

At the Colorado Springs Airport crews spent Thursday working to resume a normal flight schedule after enduring record wind gusts approaching 100 miles per hour at the height of the storm.

A sliding door at the west end of the terminal was damaged, but didn’t cause any disruption during the storm as flights had already been cancelled at that time.

Today at the airport there were 20 cancelled flights and 1/3 of 57 scheduled flights were on time.

DIA experienced hundreds of cancellations and delays due to the storm.

While airlines are working to get scheduling back on track, if you have upcoming travel plans it’s a good idea to call ahead to check the status of your flight.

Monica Gouty

Monica Gouty

Monica Gouty has worked as a news producer for KOAA-TV for 10 years.
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