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Moose mingle with Breckenridge skiers

Breckenridge moose
Pair of moose at Breckenridge Ski Resort

BRECKENRIDGE – Skiers had some unexpected company on the slopes at Breckenridge Ski Resort Thursday. Two moose were seen near a lift line.

One of the moose ran through a ski storage area, scattering skiers before running off. No one was injured.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson said it’s not surprising to see the animals at a ski resort, because of the state’s growing moose population. But it’s recommended people educate themselves about what to do if they encounter a moose.

CPW says it’s best to stay a good distance away, and try to put an object between yourself and the animal.

Moose do not fear humans, so they will wander wherever they want.


Melissa Greathouse

Melissa Greathouse

Melissa is a digital content producer and television producer for News5.
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