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CPW rescues yearling deer from large trench with help of utilities workers

COLORADO SPRINGS – Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers took part in a rather dramatic wildlife rescue Monday night.

According to the agency, a young buck and doe wandered upon a large trench east of downtown where Colorado Springs Utilities crews were working.

The doe was able to clear the trench with a jump, but the buck landed inside and was trapped with a utility worker.

CPW officers darted the buck with a tranquilizer and then tied it in a fabric stretcher before utility crews hoisted it out with an excavator. Officers then reversed the drugs and released the young deer.

CPW said the deer was a little groggy but no worse for the wear. It was released in a nearby park, where it munched on some grass before running off to join its female companion.

Tyler Dumas

Tyler Dumas

Digital Content Producer
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