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​New training center location hopes to attract new Certified Nurse Aides

If you’re interested in a career change, the Pikes Peak Region is dealing with a shortage of Certified Nurse Aides.

“They are very hard to find in this market,” Patricia Yeager, CEO of The Independence Center said. “They are hard to find people. There’s not enough people to do this.”

The Independence Center held a grand opening Friday at a new building they recently purchased at 711 S. Tejon Street. It’s right next door to their current office and will specifically be used for CNA training classes.

“The actual training class is about 3 weeks and then you do a week long practicum in a nursing home,” Yeager said. “Then you take your exam with the state.”

The advocacy organization helps people with disabilities live independently and believes CNA’s are the key to keeping people out of nursing homes.

“People are happier when they are not in a nursing home,” Yeager said. “They really want to live at home and sometimes there is a family member that can help and sometimes there isn’t. Having a CNA being able to come in and work with you is great and cheaper than a nursing home.”

The next set of classes begin in November.

Yeager says typically each class contains 10-13 people.

While you are required to pay for the course, there are programs and ways to get reimbursed for the class. You can click here for more information on how to enroll. For questions regarding the program, call 719-648-1020.

“It’s not a popular job and it’s not an easy job,” Yeager added. “However, it’s a very rewarding job because you see people blossom because they are not going into a nursing home.”

Eric Ross

Eric Ross

Eric Ross is the chief investigative reporter/executive producer at News 5. If you have a story idea or news tip, please send an email to or call 719-228-6275.
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