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Colorado wildlife commission rejects ban on bobcat hunting

Posted: 4:53 PM, May 10, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-15 14:02:27-04

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) — Colorado wildlife commissioners have rejected a citizen petition to outlaw the trapping and trophy hunting of bobcats.

The Denver Post reported Thursday that the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission heard arguments from both sides during a hearing in Grand Junction Thursday.

The commissioners say there is a lack of scientific evidence that harvesting bobcats at current levels is harmful to the species.

Supporters of the proposed ban submitted a petition with 208,000 signatures during the meeting 243 miles west of Denver. Of those supporters, only 5,139 live in Colorado, according to information from .

Bobcats are killed both as hunting trophies and for their pelts. Coat makers in China and Russia sell bobcat-fur garments for thousands of dollars.

Records show licensed hunters and trappers in Colorado killed 1,978 bobcats last year, nearly three times the 680 killed in 2004.


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