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Trinidad sees continued growth and increased business activity

TRINIDAD – The Downtown Trinidad Development Group says it has seen at least 30 new businesses open up shop recently.

The group’s general manager says it receives calls every week about people who want to open their business in downtown Trinidad.

“It is a great time to be part of Trinidad,” said Karl Gabrielson. “Trinidad, as with many places in rural Colorado, has suffered over the last decade. Trinidad is finally coming into its own and experiencing both a population boom as well as an economic revitalization of the downtown area.”

Friday the city unveiled a historic building that can house several businesses, along with plans for a hotel ground-breaking.

Visitors will soon also be welcome at a popular Trinidad landmark. The city and other state groups bought most of Fishers Peak.

The land was privately owned but the entities together paid about $20 million for 19,000 acres. It will eventually be open to hikers and mountain bikers, but first the city has to build trails.

Fisher’s Peak is expected to open to the public for recreation use sometime between 2021 and 2023.

Melissa Greathouse

Melissa Greathouse

Melissa is a digital content producer and television producer for News5.
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