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Moose spotted outside Monument Police Department

Moose in Monument
Photo courtesy of Monument police

MONUMENT – Monument police tweeted a photo of a recent visitor outside of the department!

Police shared a photo of a moose hanging out behind the police station Friday morning. The building is located at the intersection of Highway 105 and Beacon Lite Road.

If you encounter a moose, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) warns they can become aggressive if provoked. Most encounters are not dangerous, and generally, moose do not cause problems.

If you see one, CPW advises that you should keep a safe distance, move slowly around the animal and refrain from feeding it.

Police said they are taking suggestions on what to name the animal. If you’d like, you can tweet suggestions here.

Tom Kackley

Tom Kackley

Tom Kackley is a digital content producer at KOAA News 5. He has worked in southern Colorado since 2016.
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