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360° Perspective: CBD and the Transportation Security Agency

In this 360° Perspective we’re following up on our report about CBD and federal regulation, with a big change you might have missed over the weekend and a look ahead to an important meeting in Washington later this week.

A quick refresher: CBD or cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating substance widely believed to have wellness properties, although not a lot of research has been done yet. As we’ve covered in several reports it’s becoming more mainstream, with products from foods to skin care showing up in retail chains and drug stores across the U.S.

CBD is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a type of cannabis that only contains trace amounts of THC, the substance that gives marijuana users a high.

Hemp was legalized last year when President Trump signed the Farm Bill. But, it’s still illegal to market CBD as a food item or dietary supplement.

On Sunday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) quietly updated its policy on flying with CBD. Now, its website shows medical marijuana is allowed in your checked and carry on bags, but only in a specific form.

It formally permits products containing hemp-derived CBD and FDA approved medication containing CBD. It comes with a big warning- possession of marijuana and marijuana-infused products, including some CBD oil, is illegal under federal law.

The change is because of the medication called Epidiolex. That’s the one and only current FDA approved medication that contains CBD oil. It’s used to help treat and control seizures.

The TSA said it updated its website to clear the confusion for families who are traveling with the drug.

With hemp expected to be a billion dollar industry in a few short years, the FDA is under enormous pressure to come up with “regulatory framework” for CBD products. On Friday, the FDA will hold a public hearing on regulating hemp-derived CBD.

At the hearing, the FDA wants to obtain scientific data and information about the safety, manufacturing, product quality, marketing, labeling and sale of products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds. No formal decisions will be made but it’s the first step in the process.

We’ll keep tracking this for you.

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This report was produced by Logan McCrary.

Elizabeth Watts

Elizabeth Watts

News5 Evening Anchor
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