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Guided surgery

Your Healthy Family: Inside guided total shoulder replacement surgery

With all the sensors communicating, the program then asks the surgeon to map specific points of the bone, in essence electronically painting the glenoid and when what the sensors are reading matches the patient’s existing scan in the computer, the 3D model on the monitor shows colors of green.

UCHealth Orthopedics

At UCHealth Orthopedics, we are a nationally-ranked team specializing in hand, foot and ankle, sports medicine, adult reconstruction and trauma.

Your Healthy Family: Can running style impact injury risk?

Running is a great way to maintain fitness, but many worry about what years of pounding the pavement will do to their body. Now, research is showing that running ‘softer’ can help potentially limit a runner’s injuries. The study looked at 320 novice runners and measured their landing force at two paces – a slower 12-minute-per-mile pace and a quicker 8-minute-per-mile pace. 

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Rising Arkansas River

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Best viewer photos of May 2019

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