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Your Healthy Family: Screen time and gaming: How much is too much?

By nature, we are social creatures who need personal interaction. The more time a child spends in front of a television, the more delayed their social-emotional development can become, as gaming decreases a child’s time spent interacting with others face to face.

Your Healthy Family: What Colorado HB18-1094 means for kids mental health treatment

This legislative session, Colorado passed House Bill 18-1094 that helps children across our state who are in severe mental health crisis in a many significant ways. In this day and age of bitter partisan battles, Heidi Baskfield the Vice President of Population Health & Advocacy for Children’s Hospital Colorado says, “It’s a massive deal for the legislature to put their stake in the ground and remain committed to providing services for this population.

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Take the next steps toward recovery and call the Southern Colorado TMS Center at (719) 539-8812. We would like to help you and your family.

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