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Your Healthy Family: Recovering from a traumatic brain injury

Julie suffered a TBI in a car accident and explains, “Sometimes people have TBI and they look perfectly normal, but they may have memory problems, balance problems, problems with their emotions. Many times a TBI can be invisible to other people.”

Rocky Mountain PACE

The PACE model of care—Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly—is considered the gold standard of care for seniors nationwide.

Your Healthy Family: What fitness level says about dementia risk

Many of us are worried about what the future holds when it comes to our chances of developing dementia. Now, a recent study shows how fit a person is could have an impact on their risk of developing this debilitating condition. The study looked at 191 women between the ages of 38-60. Researchers tested their physical fitness using a bicycle and separated them into groups – low fitness, medium fitness and high fitness. 

Your Healthy Family: Cooking class helps TBI patients relearn basic life skills

Suffering a traumatic brain injury also known as a TBI, can be debilitating for people in so many ways.  Depending on what part of the brain in inured and how severely people to struggle with everyday common tasks like cooking. At Rocky Mountain Health care in Colorado Springs the Brain Care program works to help TBI patients regain independence and relearn how to do simple tasks like doing the laundry, paying your bills and cooking.   

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