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Viewer near tornado sighting shares video

The weather changed rapidly across El Paso County late Friday afternoon. Storm clouds brought rain, hail, and a blast of cold air. In Eastern El Paso County a funnel cloud formed and a tornado touched down 5 miles southeast of Falcon. Viewers shared video and pictures of their experience. 

El Paso County Tornado

Tornado confirmed in El Paso County

News 5 received pictures of the tornado and of hail from several viewers. If you have any pictures or video you’d like to share post them on our Facebook page or email us at

How can it possibly snow when it is 40 or even 50 degrees outside?

We see it here all the time in the cold season. The air temperature is 40F, and it’s snowing! Weren’t we taught in school, that 32F is the freezing point (of pure water) and that snow/ice melts at 33F and above? So, how can it be snowing at 36F, 38F, 40F? Are we seeing things? Is it a mirage?!

Get connected, for Severe Spring Weather!

Spring can be a real crap-shoot here in Colorado. You can have thunderstorms one afternoon and snow the next night. Everyone knows the saying, “Wait 5 minutes, and the weather will change.” But, are you actually prepared for what’s to come? Most say, “Kinda”, most say it is important, and most are not.

Is Cold Air Damming a real thing?

Picture our topography here in Colorado. Tall mountain chain, Plains east. Winds usually come over these mountains, from west to east. Imagine a pool of cold air in the Plains, banked up against the mountains.

What is a Backdoor Cold Front?

Weather of any kind, typically comes at us from repeated directions. In fact, most weather moves west to east.

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