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Guilty plea for Pueblo man who preyed on low-income families

Michael Valdez pleaded guilty to theft for running a rental scam operation first uncovered by our News 5 Investigates team. Chief Investigative Reporter Eric Ross learned Valdez was using Facebook’s Marketplace to prey on low-income families looking for affordable housing. He’ll be formally sentenced Jan. 24.

​News 5 Investigates: Unclaimed money, abuse and neglect at El Pueblo Boys & Girls Ranch and ‘predatory’ practices 

In 2018, our News 5 Investigates team produced nearly 100 investigations. We held public officials accountable, demanded transparency and most importantly, we fought for you. Together, I’m proud to say our stories led to changes in state law, held con-artists accountable and helped victims get their money back. We take a look back at some of those investigations in this News 5 Investigates Special Report.

Update: $150,000 awarded to make medical clinics and centers accessible for people with disabilities

Earlier this year, News 5 Investigates revealed how dozens of medical centers and facilities in the Pikes Peak Region are not accessible to people with disabilities, especially those with physical challenges. One non-profit agency has pledged to allocate $150,000 to make medical facilities accessible. 9 centers were just given free accessible exam tables and special hoyer-type lifts.

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