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News 5 investigates delays in adding new names to Veterans Bridge in Pueblo 

Sharon Williams reached out to Chief Investigative Reporter Eric Ross for help after she paid to have her husband’s name engraved on the Veterans Bridge along the Pueblo Riverwalk. Nearly a year later, the work still wasn’t done. After News 5 started asking questions, we saw results and got answers. The delay was due in part to a third-party vendor that the HARP Foundation couldn’t contact.

News 5 Investigates: Family’s struggle to obtain VA death benefits

Jimmy Maurice Williams died 6 years ago from lung cancer, a known health issue connected to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. For more than a year, Williams’ family has been trying to obtain death benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs, but the claim was denied. 

‘Behind the Scenes’ Special Report: Squatters, contractor scams and shady dealings

Have you ever wondered how News 5 Investigates turns a news tip into a story? While some of our stories are generated through records requests and court documents, some of our best investigations come from our viewers. In this special report, we revisit some of our most memorable investigations. It’s our commitment to hold the powerful accountable, expose wrongdoing and seek solutions to problems.

Army takes responsibility for destructive Carson Midway Fire, but some people still can’t get claims approved

Fort Carson officials promised to help homeowners who lost their properties in the Carson Midway Fire. 6 months later, one fire victim says the Mountain Post hasn’t delivered on its promise. Since March, Lloyd Galindo has been living in a small RV with no permanent water source. He lost his home and underground water tank in the fire that sparked during a live fire-training exercise. 

Local man loses $3,000 to phone scam

Answering the phone ended up costing one Penrose man $3,000. Phone scams have been around for decades. However, as you get smarter, so do the criminals. 

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