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ELECTION RESULTS: Voters reject Prop 110

If passed, Proposition 110 would increase the state sales and use tax rate by 0.62% to pay for highway, road, and transit projects throughout the state. The sales and use tax rate would go from 2.9% percent to 3.52% percent for 20 years.

ELECTION RESULTS: Voters approve Prop 111 – Payday loan cap

If passed, Proposition 111 would reduce the interest rate on short-term loans, commonly known as payday loans, to a yearly rate of 36% and would eliminate all other finance charges and fees associated with payday lending. It would also expand what constitutes unfair or deceptive trade practices for payday lending.

ELECTION RESULTS: Voters reject Amendment 74

Amendment 74 on the 2018 ballot would expand the conditions under which the government would be required to pay property owners for losses to their property values.

Dave Young

ELECTION RESULTS: Young wins State Treasurer post

As Walker Stapleton made an unsuccessful run for Governor, his seat was up for grabs. The two main contenders for the post were a businessman from the Western Slope and a current State Representative from Greeley.

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