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Is Cold Air Damming a real thing?

Picture our topography here in Colorado. Tall mountain chain, Plains east. Winds usually come over these mountains, from west to east. Imagine a pool of cold air in the Plains, banked up against the mountains.

What is a Backdoor Cold Front?

Weather of any kind, typically comes at us from repeated directions. In fact, most weather moves west to east.

Ever heard of “Channelization”?

Usually, these are terms in use by Meteorologists for decades, yet they’ve only recently become relevant on the News side of the business. Earlier we discussed the ‘Pineapple Express.’

Ever heard of the “Pineapple Express”?

Just as there are other circulations like El Nino or La Nina, or the North Atlantic Oscillation, there are “moisture rivers”, sometimes referred to as “Atmospheric Rivers”.

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