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360° Perspective: CO Immunization Rates

COLORADO SPRINGS – Immunization rates for school kids in Colorado have been consistently low compared to other states for years. The CDC reports Colorado is

360° Perspective: Mueller Report

COLORADO SPRINGS – Nearly two years of investigation, hundreds of interviews, thousands of subpoenas and 25 million of your tax dollars. The redacted Mueller Report

360° Perspective: Tobacco 21

We’re taking a closer look at a push for stronger tobacco laws in this 360° Perspective. This week Illinois became the latest state in the

360° Perspective: National Popular Vote Compact

We are following up on our 360° Perspective on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact which Colorado’s democrat-controlled legislature passed and Governor Jared Polis signed

360° Perspective: Distracted Driving Bill

COLORADO SPRINGS – Colorado’s roads are becoming more dangerous, and distracted driving is on the rise. Texting while driving is illegal but right now in Colorado

360° Perspective: D60 School Closures

PUEBLO – Pueblo City School are facing a major transition period in the years to come. Aging buildings, declining enrollment and budget issues are presenting

360° Perspective: Red Light Cameras

COLORADO SPRINGS – They’re in cities across the country and Colorado Springs is getting four of them. City leaders say red light cameras will help

360° Perspective: Time Change Debate

COLORADO SPRINGS –  We all just lost an hour “springing forward” this weekend, but why? We’re taking a closer look in this 360° Perspective. Daylight

360° Perspective: Red flag laws

COLORADO SPRINGS – In this 360° Perspective, we’re digging deeper into red flag laws and whether they actually work. We’ve covered how several southern Colorado counties

360° Perspective: Democracy vs. Republic

COLORADO SPRINGS – We continue our 360° Perspective coverage of the Electoral College and the National Popular Vote bill that’s headed to Governor Jared Polis’

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