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News 5 Investigates: Transparency with apartment fees

It can be difficult to find an apartment in Colorado Springs. The experts will tell you the market is tight. The latest survey shows there’s only a 5% vacancy rate with roughly 2,000 apartments available.

Building a cybersecurity workforce in Colorado Springs

More than a million jobs remain vacant in the field of cybersecurity. News 5 Investigates discovered Colorado Springs is leading the charge to fill those jobs with students from right here in our neighborhoods. ​

Police: Shed salesman to face charges after stealing from customers

News 5 Investigates has spent weeks looking into claims of viewers who say a contractor promised to build them sheds, only to take off with their money never to be seen again. Hearing these stories individually, it was difficult for Pueblo Police to dedicate the resources to each case, but when we started connecting cases we found out these victims were dealing with the same person. Investigators say they believe serious crimes were committed.

Timeshare troubles in Colorado Springs

A Colorado Springs man reached out to News 5 Investigates after he was promised a flashy vacation, only to buy a $21,000 stay-cation. Buying timeshares may sound like a great deal, but some customers now wish they could go back in time and invest their money elsewhere. Investigative Reporter Patrick Nelson uncovered the tactics the fraudsters are using to get rich.

Viewer near tornado sighting shares video

The weather changed rapidly across El Paso County late Friday afternoon. Storm clouds brought rain, hail, and a blast of cold air. In Eastern El Paso County a funnel cloud formed and a tornado touched down 5 miles southeast of Falcon. Viewers shared video and pictures of their experience. 

Homeowners impacted by 2015 landslides to get FEMA payout

Following up on a story we have been tracking for years. Colorado Springs residents living on the west side, who had their homes destroyed by landslides back in 2015 are now set to receive a federal payout for those homes. Three of the homeowners are being put on track for that payout after a move by city council on Tuesday.

Young people falling for scams more often than their grandparents

Consumers in Southern Colorado lost millions of dollars in 2018 to scams, but you may be surprised at the age group most likely to fall victim to fraud. Impostor scams have become the most popular tactic for fraudsters after your money they pretend to be someone they’re not to gain your trust and ultimately your money.

News 5 Investigates: Car break-ins a road to crime

A car burglary may not sound like a major crime, but News 5 Investigates found what you leave inside your vehicle could make you a victim over and over again. Investigative Reporter Patrick Nelson learned many car break-ins are linked to identity theft cases and other types of crime in Southern Colorado.

News 5 Investigates: Online shop cheats consumers and Native Americans

The Better Business Bureau is issuing a warning about an online Native American jewelry business. The company “Native American Soul” promises buyers that they will donate a portion of its profits to help the Native American Heritage Association, but that organization tells Investigative Reporter Patrick Nelson that they haven’t seen a penny of the money.

News 5 Investigates: Reporting rental property issues

One of the most common calls we get at News 5 Investigates is from our viewers who are having issues at a rental property tied to maintenance issues, or even the living conditions. If you ever find yourself in one of these situations, we walk you through the steps you should take to get the issues resolved.

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