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Progress report on 2C road improvements

Mayor John Suthers says that since 2C began the city has replaced more than 93 miles of curb and gutter and filled nearly 84,000 potholes. He says paving makes the biggest difference.

360° Perspective: Cost of College

COLORADO SPRINGS – Parents know: College is expensive. Most families can’t afford the huge cost up front, even with savings, and student loan debt is growing

360° Perspective: Guns in Schools

COLORADO SPRINGS – It’s a debate we’re forced to have often. Can we be doing more to protect our kids in school? Are armed teachers, security

360° Perspective: Decriminalizing “magic” mushrooms

Initiative 301 barely passed with a 50.6 percent majority and is set to go in effect this week. We’re breaking down the specifics of the initiative and talking about how this unprecedented move could play out in this 360° Perspective

360° Perspective: History of the Incline

MANITOU SPRINGS – It’s one of the, if not the, toughest hikes in the state. An extreme workout that’s challenged even Olympic athletes. 2,744 steps. Climbing

Pueblo Fire using safer foam

The Pueblo Fire Department is getting a head start on being environmentally friendly when it comes to fighting fires. A bill is on the governor’s desk right now to ban a fire foam that can cause cancer and impact an area’s water supply.

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Rising Arkansas River

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Best viewer photos of May 2019

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