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Andy Koen

Broncos fans show support for Bowlen family at public tribute

The team opened up the stadium’s United West Clubhouse to fans on Tuesday to come pay their respects and share their football memories. Members of the Bowlen family greeted people in a reception line as live piano music filled room.

Arkansas River Salida

Caution urged as uncommon runoff begins

Cool temperatures this spring delayed the seasonal runoff along the Arkansas River. Snow pack levels remain at 500 to 600 percent of average and whitewater rafting/kayaking season could stretch well into August.

Firefighting foam ban signed by governor

Beginning on August 2, all fire departments in Colorado will be prevented from using the Class B firefighting foam for training purposes; it can only be used in real-life emergencies. Then in August of 2021, the sale of foams containing the PFAS will be banned completely. Manufacturers will also be required to disclose the chemical composition of their products. 

Colorado Democrats efficient 2019 session

Comparing the preliminary numbers with the historical record, lawmakers introduced the fewest bills this session since 2012. Yet the 460 bills that passed are the most since Bill Ritter was Governor in 2010.

Jena Griswold

Griswold defends decision to work with Planned Parenthood

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold said she reached out to Planned Parenthood for advice on a press release announcing a boycott of Alabama over that state’s new abortion law because she considers the group to experts on women’s health issues. A former state official sees the coordination as a conflict of interest given Planned Parenthood’s frequent lobbying and campaign spending, both of which are regulated by Griswold’s office.

Shiffrin flies with the Thunderbirds

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” Shiffrin said shortly after landing from her demonstration flight.  “I’m still like dizzy and my knees are shaking. It’s crazy.”

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Rising Arkansas River

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