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Imagine Dragons’ leader on Oprah and brushing off the haters

NEW YORK (AP) — Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds is brushing the haters off his shoulders.

The singer posted a lengthy note on Instagram two weeks ago, calling out bands like Slipknot, the 1975 and Foster the People for taking shots at Imagine Dragons.

Reynolds calls it “counterproductive to all of us as artists to engage in menial, self-indulgent conversation.”

In his post, Reynolds wrote: “How could it possibly make a kid feel ‘not cool’ listening to Imagine Dragons. I hate that thought.”

What’s provided solace for Reynolds? In a way, Oprah Winfrey. He says he recently heard Winfrey speak and that put things into perspective.

Reynold says, “I’m bummed that I even had to post something like that, but I said my peace and that’s it. So, I’m on to things that are important.”

Associated Press

Associated Press

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