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Flexin’ in her Complexion: Bullied girl a messenger of hope

NEW YORK (AP) — Kheris Rogers was in the first grade in a predominantly white private school in Los Angeles when she was being bullied because of her dark skin. It even continued when she switched to a more diverse school. But when her older sister posted a picture of Kheris on Instagram with the hashtag “flexininhercomplexion,” she became a social media sensation and a role model.

Now the 12-year-old has her own fashion line, with T-shirts sporting her tagline, “Flexin’ in My Complexion,” along with backpacks reading “The Miseducation of Melanin” and other apparel and accessories.

Lupita Nyong’o posted a photo of herself wearing a black version of the shirt with bright yellow letters in support of Kheris. Whoopi Goldberg sported one while attending a fashion show. Alicia Keys lauded her black girl magic.

Kheris hopes to spread her message worldwide.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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