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Handyman accused of intentionally blowing up Denver rowhome

DENVER (AP) — Authorities say a handyman who was involved in an argument with tenants intentionally caused an explosion that leveled a brick row house in Denver, injuring nine people, including himself.

Capt. Greg Pixley, a spokesman for the Denver Fire Department, says 56-year-old Todd Perkins was arrested Monday on charges of arson and attempted murder. Investigators say Perkins, who lived in a camper on the property near downtown Denver, sparked the Aug. 14 explosion after breaking into one of the apartments, pouring gasoline in several places and using a wrench to release natural gas from lines leading to a stove.

Perkins and another person were hospitalized after the blast. Seven others were hurt but refused treatment.

It’s unclear if Perkins has hired an attorney.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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