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May 14, 2019

360° Perspective: Decriminalizing “magic” mushrooms

Initiative 301 barely passed with a 50.6 percent majority and is set to go in effect this week. We’re breaking down the specifics of the initiative and talking about how this unprecedented move could play out in this 360° Perspective

China US trade

Trade War Talks On Capitol Hill

The trade war may intensify as President Trump hints that more U.S. products imported by China may be hit with 25% tariffs, products that have not already been targeted in this ongoing trade war.

From Manitou Incline to Empire State Building

Two Colorado Springs residents who have spent years training on the Manitou Incline are once again joining racers from across the country to race up the Empire State Building. 

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Rising Arkansas River

Rising Arkansas River

Best viewer photos of May 2019

Best viewer photos of May 2019

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