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May 13, 2019

News 5 Investigates: Caregiver puts man in nursing home and moves into his house 

The Fremont County Department of Human Services describes Melody Milam was as “predator” who used her relationship to profit off of an elderly man with dementia. DHS presented their evidence to law enforcement, but News 5 Investigates has received conflicting information about what happened to the case file after learning the case was not presented to the District Attorney’s Office for review. 

Springs soup kitchen goes solar

With the new system in place from Peak View Solar, Catholic Charities says it will save $500 a month in electric costs. The organization says the savings will allow them to leverage money into helping more people and it sets an example.

Migrant caravan

Migrants bused to Denver from overcrowded border shelters

U.S. authorities have begun using aircraft to move migrants to less-crowded areas for processing, while asylum-seeking families were being bused north to Colorado to alleviate the strain on overwhelmed shelters along the border in Texas and New Mexico.

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Rising Arkansas River

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Best viewer photos of May 2019

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