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April 9, 2019

KOAA Athlete of the Week: Tyrese Vanhorne, Harrison Sprinter

The Harrison junior is the defending 4A champ in the 200-meter dash but came up short in the 400-meter at the 2018 state track meet, all thanks to the cold and snowy weather in Jefferson County, but this year he has new motivation but the same goals.

360° Perspective: National Popular Vote Compact

We are following up on our 360° Perspective on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact which Colorado’s democrat-controlled legislature passed and Governor Jared Polis signed

Colorado Department of Transportation snowplow trucks sit on standby before noon on Oct. 30, 2018. Southern Colorado is expected to receive significant snowfall on Oct. 30 heading into Oct. 31.

Preps underway for forecasted blizzard

EL PASO COUNTY – Preparations are underway for a forecasted blizzard in the northern part of the county Wednesday into Thursday.  “It’s a full call-out

Enforcement hurdles await for red light cameras now active in Colorado Springs

City code requires registered vehicle owners ticketed by a red light camera to be personally served with a summons and complaint within 90 days of the violation in order for the case to go to court. Other Colorado cities have seen a large number of tickets dismissed for failure to provide proper service.

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Rising Arkansas River

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Best viewer photos of May 2019

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