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November 28, 2018

Shoppers at a King Soopers parking lot in Monument

Monument Police warns shoppers to stay alert

Something that can happen to any of us: an attack at a local grocery store parking lot, it happened to a couple in Monument and they avoided a worst case scenario.
Now Monument Police want everyone to learn from this scary ordeal and be aware of their surroundings.

Church camp pastor arrested for child sex assault

Deputies with the Huerfano County Sheriff’s Office arrested Mike Encina on felony charges of sex assault on a child. He allegedly abused two teenage boys who stayed with him at a church camp in 2013.

Fences are killing wildlife, residents and officials asking for a change

Many of you reached out. We listened and are looking for solutions to some gruesome accidents happening in Southern Colorado. Wildlife is being injured and killed trying to clear sharp fence posts. Investigative Reporter Patrick Nelson spoke with an eyewitness and wildlife officials who are calling for a change.

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