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September 17, 2018

Daniela Ruano-Morales

CBI issues endangered missing alert for 10-year-old Aurora girl

The search continues in Aurora for a 10-year-old girl missing since Monday afternoon. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation issued an endangered missing alert for Daniela Ruano-Morales whose parents reported her as missing around 4 p.m.o-Morales.

‘Behind the Scenes’ Special Report: Squatters, contractor scams and shady dealings

Have you ever wondered how News 5 Investigates turns a news tip into a story? While some of our stories are generated through records requests and court documents, some of our best investigations come from our viewers. In this special report, we revisit some of our most memorable investigations. It’s our commitment to hold the powerful accountable, expose wrongdoing and seek solutions to problems.

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Wyoming Train Derailment

Wyoming Train Derailment

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