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organic food

Your Healthy Family: Can eating organic reduce risk of cancers?

It’s difficult to say at this point that eating organic is directly associated with a reduction in cancer risk, it always good to think of ways we can try to prevent cancers, whether it’s through more screening or improving our lifestyle habits.

Teller County Motorcycle

Your Healthy Family: High country rescue begins with first responders

When Eddie Kerr suffered a severe trauma riding his dirt bike in Teller County, everything went right beginning with his friends knowing to apply pressure to his wound and find help, to the first responders and good samaritans, to the LifeLine flight team and trauma doctors at UCHealth Memorial.

flu shot

Your Healthy Family: Flu shot facts

Dr. Wesselman explains, “The CDC monitors flu around the world and pick what they think is the most common strains we will see, it’s a mirror of that in the vaccines for a given year.”

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